Love and gratitude are a daily practice!

Love and gratitude are a daily practice!

I am excited to share that today I am celebrating my 13th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!

To celebrate, my husband and I are having a “Gratitude Party” with 4 other couples and their kids. I am very aware that practicing gratitude has been a powerful gateway to the love I am experiencing today. We are so used to people complaining about love. It has become excepted to complain and pick our partners apart. And while many of these conversations feel fun and generate laughter, they are standing on the foundation of a lot of pain. I have come to realize over these past 13 years of marriage that my choice to be grateful is what has helped our love expand and thrive. LOVE IS A DAILY PRACTICE. My marriage is where I get to practice love. Love is not a feeling. Love is a practice you get to feel. Gratitude is a gateway to deeper self-love and a more secure love relationship.

Over these past 13 years, Jared and I have been in the intentional practice of being grateful for one another and the life we are creating. When we started this practice we were not that good at it, but now, I simply love how easy it is for the gratitude to flow in our conversations. Sometimes Jared will go on a rampage of appreciation and gratitude and I am in awe as I listen. Gratitude is a learnt skill. I am sharing this with you because in all the darkest moments of my life, gratitude has been the practice that has helped me to climb my way out of any emotional holes. Getting depressed, feeling sad, being stuck, having a bad day, being scared isn’t negative, it is normal, especially in relationships. And so practicing gratitude (for everything big and small) has been essential to my personal happiness and my love practice. The gratitude practice starts in your mind but, its real power is when you choose to express your gratitude out loud.


  • Replace being critical with sharing gratitude.

  • Catch negative thoughts and replace them with grateful ones.

  • Stand alone and say something you are grateful for out loud when no one is around.

  • Tell the people in your life you are grateful for them.

I love the exercise of gratitude. I want to inspire you to energetically participate our gratitude party today. Help us celebrate by being grateful. If you are in, share gratitude with the people you love, the life you get to live, the experiences that are unfolding and the love you get to generate. There is much to be grateful for.

I built a Gratitude and Love Wall for my husband as a gift that will be at our party tonight. Here are a few photos of the wall I created. We will read these quotes tonight and over the next week as we intentionally keep connected to the most sacred practice that has supported us in creating such a fun and abundant love, our gratitude practice. Love and gratitude are a daily practice. I love you Jared Patrick. Thank you for being you and thank you for being the man I get to practice loving. I am beyond grateful for you! Happy 13th anniversary my love! Woot Woot!!

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