Don't just own your worth, own your significance!

Don't just own your worth, own your significance. You are SIGNIFICANT!    By: Susan Leahy MA CSP

Don't just own your worth, own your significance. You are SIGNIFICANT!

By: Susan Leahy MA CSP


As a professional speaker and confidence coach I speak at a lot of women’s events and conferences. One of the recurring conversations that I hear is that, “Women need to own their worth.” While I agree with this initial statement I think that there is a deeper conversation that I want women to be having. It isn’t just about being worthy, it is about acknowledging and owning your significance

What if we were to go beyond striving for an ever increasing sense of worth? What if we, as women, were to go deeper and subsequently free ourselves from the confines of this conditioned mentality?


It is still valid to take that first step striving for worth if that gets you off the starting block and motivated. But after that initial momentum, why not allow yourself to step into the conversation of owning your significance?

What I have to offer is significant. Who I am is significant. My femininity is significant. What I create and build is significant. The contribution of women has been, is and always will be significant. 

Let’s anchor our conversation to something with a deeper meaning, something that permeates businesses, homes, and all relationships. Let’s strive to own our significance. Know that you are significant and own it. You are not just worthy, which is only one suffix away from worthless, YOU ARE SIGNIFICANT. Your ideas, creativity, influence, and contributions are significant to everything and everyone around you. 

Imagine what would happen in the world and how things would shift if women were to rise up and own their significance? All life begins from within a woman and that is significant. 

The conversation about owning your significance starts first with the conversation that you are having with yourself. You have to practice validating, owning and respecting yourself. And yes, owning your worth is a part of this process but the next step is to revel in it and own your significance.

  • I am worth listening to.
  • I am worth contributing to.
  • I am worth creating with.
  • I am worth building with.
  • Because…what I have to offer as a loving, powerful, committed woman is significant. 

I am significant and so are you!!

It all starts with visualizing what you want to create. Don’t confine yourself to the limits of being paid what you deem is your worth. Seize every moment as a moment to be in the significance of what you uniquely have to give. From thought comes creation and so I encourage you to think and believe in and own your significance. What you create and how you create is significant. 

So take this as a gift today ladies. Every time you battle with feeling worthless or wondering whether anyone sees your worth, remind yourself you are more than what society says you are worth. YOU ARE SIGNIFICANT! I believe that what women have to offer so uniquely is exactly what will and is changing the world. 

The Dali Lama says,  “The world will be saved by the Western woman”. 

This sounds significant to me.

If you aspire to step into your significance and fully become the powerful significant woman you are, contact me today or click on the link below to find out more about all the programs I have to offer, including corporate training and presentations.

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Susan Leahy MA CSP is a powerful leadership, team building and keynote speaker, trainer, and coach.
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