I see me. I like me. I love me!

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How often as women do we fall into the trap of allowing the external to validate the internal? A comment from the outside can often trigger a torrent of negativity on the inside. This week's blog piece is inspired by the internal conversation I encourage subscribers to have in week 4 of my Confident Woman Program. My intention is to gently nudge you into the practice of hearing and capturing your first thought, and then taking a deep breath to reaffirm who you are through this affirmation. 

I see me. I like me. I love me.

Loving myself instead of judging myself is a daily practice for me. Just the other day I was walking and caught a glimpse of my reflection in the window and a flood of negative statements filled my head. My practice of self love begins at that moment.

#1. I hear that first thought

#2. I take a conscious deep breath

#3. I say my mantra (over and over and over to drown out the flood of judgmental thoughts.) 

I see me. I like me. I love me.

Confidence is rooted in the ability to clearly see who and where you are. Instead of judging yourself choose to see yourself. The world needs to see you but, in order for that to happen, you need to see yourself first. Confidence is the ability to stand deeply in the choice of love. Instead of judging yourself choose to love yourself. I believe that this is the most sacred practice. 

I am inspired by the women that I get to be on the confidence journey with. The affirmations and conversation that I share in my online program are about supporting women to own their beauty, own their body, and to love themselves! Therefore, I lovingly invite you to use this affirmation in front of a mirror.

I see me. I like me. I love me.

My small kids use this affirmation! When they see their reflection in a mirror I encourage them to stop and greet themselves. However, I have also realized that it is just as important I remember to do this with myself. Not only is it an example for my children, it is a powerful, loving reminder for myself.

I see me. I like me. I love me.

Confidence is the willingness to see what is really there, find a way to like it and then continue to generate and create new possibilities in life from a space of love!

Remember you are never done growing up. You get to continue to grow and change physically, spiritually, and emotionally and the practice is to see YOU, like YOU and love YOU. So have fun as you step into the confidence conversation by intentionally seeing yourself in the mirror and loving what you see. 

If you desire to take your confidence deeper and experience the ripple effect it will have on all your relationships, subscribe to the Confident Woman Program and gain access to a YEARS' worth of affirmations or, contact Susan today for one-to-one confidence coaching.

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Susan Leahy MA CSP is a powerful leadership, team building and keynote speaker, trainer, and coach.
Susan does live presentations, interactive online webinars, and private personal coaching.

She is the creator of The Confident Woman Program, Robert's Rules Made Simple and is the co-founder of Group To TEAM Leadership Solutions a global coaching and consulting organization that provides leadership and TEAM building training that builds a culture of TEAM by empowering the individual to choose TEAM. 


Susan was a featured speaker at the Associated Builders and Contractors Leadership Week in Orlando Florida. She had a great time building up the importance of elevating them from a group to a TEAM. She gave 2 powerful presentations that energized the audience about how to Chair a Meeting with Confidence and Robert’s Rules Made Simple. Hire Susan to speak at your next event or training!

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