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Hi there!! Susan Leahy MA CSP, herewith a quick video blog to encourage you to love yourself as you enter into 2018. It is too easy during this time of year to get angry, judgmental and critical of yourself. This week's blog is being offered in the hope to motivate you to choose how you talk to yourself as you enter 2018. I have to admit that for me this holiday season, while magical, was also a season of indulgence and a bit of gluttony. I have happily spent this holiday season living in my instinct, indulging in all the goodies and treats, rather than keeping conscious and staying committed to feeling and being healthy. I treated myself to too many treats, and I had one or two or three more drinks. Over the holidays I loosened the reigns, took my foot off the gas, and stopped even trying to control my cravings. 

Can I get an Amen?

Yes, there are many who managed to keep control during the holidays, but I wasn't one of them. It has been interesting observing the internal dialogue that has been going on in my mind as this holiday is drawing to a conclusion and we are about to jump into 2018. At first, I noticed that I was having feelings of anger, I was looking downward at my body with a bit of disgust. Once I caught myself, I realized that indulgence and guilt go hand in hand...if you let them. I need to be strong enough to beat the cycle of this type of thinking. 

This New Year I am committed to practicing loving myself as I enter into 2018!

As you stride into the New Year, pay attention to see whether you are burdening yourself with a sense of guilt: guilt and judgment that you need to reign yourself back in and shed a few extra pounds; guilt that you "should have" known better or done better; guilt that you are not enough or should be more. 

My work is my life, and the work that I get to do with my business partner Freeman Micheals through our company Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions is life-giving. Reflecting on the work we do has helped me to manage some of the guilty feelings that I have been having about how indulgent I have been over the past couple of months. 

One of the principals that we teach our clients is that if you desire to elevate yourself to the next level and change the energy in your life, you cannot judge your way into the creation of that energy.

Think of it this way:

You can't judge yourself into loving yourself. You can't critique yourself into loving yourself. You can't yell at yourself into loving yourself. You can't guilt yourself into loving yourself. You have to love yourself into loving yourself!

So often, the old adage is true: "I am my own worst enemy." So often we can criticise ourselves to the point that we set ourselves up for failure rather than success. We might lose a few pounds, but we hate ourselves in the process. We have missed the point if we walk away changed but not transformed. I might be my own worst enemy but I can also exercise being my greatest fan! 

To effectively shift energy and elevate consciousness, we must start with a loving voice. As you enter into 2018, pay attention if you are judging, critiquing or even yelling at yourself. If you are, don't judge, critique or yell at yourself. I encourage you to practice the following three steps that will lead to true and deep transformation:

  • Take a deep breath and feel the temperature of your skin to get you into the present moment
  • Bring yourself back into a loving space by choosing three loving words that you can speak to yourself (example: I am a loving, powerful, committed woman)
  • Ask yourself, "What do I want to think or feel? What do I want?..." (Example: I want to feel joy, I want to feel grounded, peaceful. I want to feel love, I want to feel this moment. I want to create from a space of love.)

Lovingly enroll yourself in a personal energetic exchange by standing in the courageous space of choosing. You get to choose what you think or feel. You get to lovingly guide your feelings in the direction that will elevate your personal experience. You get to choose what you believe about yourself and which voice you are going to listen to. Think about where you desire to be and set your intention for 2018.

Choose to make a conscious decision to say more loving things to yourself as you make that transition. Take an intentional breath and ask yourself:

  • What do I want to think?
  • What do I want to feel?
  • What do I want to create?

Let's be intentional about creating from a loving space as we jump into 2018.

Happy New year!

If you desire to create from a loving space and experience a true transformation both personally and professionally, contact Susan today and ask for more information about Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions Inc. and how to bring Susan into your organization. If you desire to work with Susan one-on-one click here to learn more about Susan's Confidence Coaching packages that can support you in having a powerful and productive 2018.


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