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The #1 reason someone quits their job is because of a bad relationship with their boss. Sometimes moving on to a new opportunity is the right thing to do, but often people throw out a lot of excellent work and a huge investment of time and energy simply because they cannot figure out how to get along better with their manager. It doesn't have to be this way!

If you know someone who is struggling with their boss then maybe you can LEAD them to THIS ARTICLE that I wrote with my corporate training partner Freeman Micheals. This article was recently published in Executive Secretary Magazine.

If you work within an organization, that could use a team building boost, visit www.GroupToTEAM.com and learn about the powerful (and fun) corporate training, TEAMbuilding and leadership consulting options we offer. I would love to bring my energy and expertise into your company!


Susan Leahy will be a guest on the Ambitious Woman Summit - Register today!

Susan Leahy will be a guest on the Ambitious Woman Summit - Register today!

Don't let the word ambitious overwhelm or exhaust you! I believe that the world needs women to be more ambitious!

This is your life to live! You are the creator! Be ambitious about what you are are up to creating! Live the life you imagine! 

This all sounds great...but the question is...."Are you?"

I am beyond excited to be interviewed on The Ambitious Woman Summit. Register today (it's FREE!) and get access to 20+ original interviews with top experts as we share insights, strategies and secrets about how we overcame the limiting beliefs that were keeping us stuck. Now is the time to step into your power and confidence and live as an ambitious women! 

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Most of us consider ourselves to be good listeners...but are we really?

A good listener is a generous listener and I believe that you can you to use your relationships as a place to practice love through practicing the quality of your listening!

Does the way you are listening set your partner up for success or for failure?

Do you listen being critical or do you listen seeking ways to connect at a deeper level?

Only you can know how good your listening is!

Check out this fun video that may help you tap into your own listening in a more powerful and intentional way!


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