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You may or may not know that I do a weekly show all about confidence for women called (somewhat appropriately) THE CONFIDENT WOMAN SHOW.

Well, this week I am interviewing Kate Buckley from Buckley Media Group, one of the leaders in the exciting world of high-end web domains. Check out this week's episode where we discus powerful & practical tips to keep you living confident!

If you would like to live with greater confidence you should check out my online course: The Confident Woman Program. This online training is 52 weeks of powerful, confidence building content that will elevate your life both personally and professionally!

I want you to live with greater confidence, and I am sure you will agree with me that confidence certainly comes in handy when you are looking for a new job! The more confident you feel when walking into the interview, the better you will do. To help you be as confident as possible in your next job interview I am giving you my "Nailing the Job Interview" audio course for FREE! This audio training is a great resource that I encourage you to share with anyone you know who is on the job hunt!

If you need a little extra support before your next interview, consider doing some coaching with Susan and land that job!

CHOOSE LOVE! Most people don't realize that love is a continual choice. Your participation in love is a continual choice and I encourage you to keep "getting in"!

This is a simple concept but also a powerful one! Where can you "get in" today?


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