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The chair has the single largest impact on the success or failure of a meeting. So if you want your meetings to be more efficient and more effective, then your chair needs the right training!

This July I am offering a 3 part HOW TO CHAIR A MEETING WITH CONFIDENCE WEBINAR SERIES. This powerful and practical training series is an excellent opportunity for board chairs who want to feel more confident when running meetings!

As you may know I am the creator of www.RobertsRulesMadeSimple.com and I have trained thousands of boards how to run more effective meetings by understanding the fundamentals of Robert's Rules of Order. One of my other great skills is running powerful and productive meetings.

In the 3 part HOW TO CHAIR A MEETING WITH CONFIDENCE WEBINAR SERIES I will share powerful tips on both the "process-side" as well as the "people-side" side of running great meetings. Participants will learn how to deal with those bad meeting behaviors that knock meetings off track and will also build personal confidence so they can run more productive and effective meetings.


Susan on "Face Your Dragon" 

I was recently a guest on the Face Your Dragon show hosted by Brad Axelrad. The topic of the show was: "Break Free from the Shackles of Perfection"

In this fun interview Brad and I had a great discussion about a ton of different topics including:

  • My magic rule that has helped to keep my 10-year marriage fun and happy
  • Why it takes a strong person to commit to daily happiness
  • Understanding what paralyzes you during stressful situations and how to leverage that to discover creativity

Here is the write up from interview:

No one really knows what perfection looks or feels like. In a world of imperfect humans, there’s no real standard to base perfection on. Yet people squander precious resources to try and achieve it. Spending time and energy on adjustments, tweaks, comparisons, alternate choices, second opinions, MORE research, obsessing over “what if’s” and potential screw ups. Even sabotaging “achieved perfection” with overcorrection. Oops.

Fear tricks us into living a boring life.
— Donald Miller

The pursuit of perfection alone bleeds the life out of even the most rewarding moments. All to chase an elusive dragon. A recipe for disappointment and true madness.

There’s something to be said about the beauty in imperfection. In the invaluable lessons that mistakes teach you. In the fun you had while making those mistakes. In freeing yourself from the shackles of your insecurities, uncertainties, and fears. In not giving a crap.

Why? For what? What or who is worth suppressing that playful and rebellious side of you? Is it your fear of what others might think of you? In this episode, Brad refers to it as the “need-to-be-liked” dragon. In that case, identify your target audience and who you’re trying to attract…quick-to-judge uptight perfectionists? Or open-minded people that respect authenticity? Then consider imperfection as a perfect tool to thin the herd.

The longer you spend perfecting, the longer you keep your audience from hearing a message they’re thirsty to hear. Don’t leave them hanging. Just jump.

The Face Your Dragon podcast opens up the concept that what you are most afraid of and most resisting are the very things that will set you free.

I wrote this poem for my daughter Sloane in 2012 when she was just 3 years old. It was written with love and it is full of messages that I wish I could have told myself at her age.

Thoughts about life as told to my daughter
By: Susan Leahy CSP

Life is a fun place.
Let yourself play.
When you find yourself hiding do everything you can to step in front of your fear.
If you do I promise you will find out that you will be more then okay.
This is your life to live,
Find what gives you joy and move towards it.
Know that joy is a daily experience, not just something to be saved up for when you cross the finish line.
You are enough just because you are.
A simple smile can be the start of changing your attitude.
Choose to be positive, it’s worth it.
Have fun with yourself and with the relationships in your life.
People like to have fun.
You are energy and love.
No one on this planet can rob you of your joy, because they didn’t’ give it to you.
Life is suppose to feel good.
Yes there are bumps, but even the bumps can be thrilling.
Enjoy yourself.
Don’t forget to keep looking, because you are never going to be done growing.
Thank you for being my daughter!


This poem is from the Confident Woman Program which is available for purchase at ConfidentWomanProgram.com 

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