You are more than your first reaction!

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You are more than your first reaction! 

By: Susan Leahy MA CSP

Have you ever regretted your initial reaction when confronting a hurtful or difficult situation? It sounds simple but how often do we actually pause and take a breath? More often than not, we strike back in the heat of the moment. Words sting those on the receiving end and, frequently, those same words continue to resonate long after they have been spoken.

What if we were to commit to not letting that initial reaction own or define us? What if we were to commit to being more, to rising above it and stepping into the person we want to be? I am and intend to be more than my first reaction.

As always, my kids are my greatest teachers and this morning Connor was no exception by putting my words into practice in his own life. As is common for a boy his age, he got frustrated at not being able to tie his shoes. Instead of getting caught in his first reaction, he looked at me, took a deep breath and said, 'I am more than my first reaction.' He managed to tie his shoes by stepping into a reaction of his own choice. You have no idea how my heart leapt when I had the privilege of witnessing my son's empowerment. Being more than your first reaction brings you into a space where you CHOOSE. We always have a choice and it's as simple as turning left or right. Why not commit to a reaction that moves you forward rather than continue wading around in the mire of past hurt? After all, that is the direction you are traveling in.  


I am blessed because my kids are a continuous font of creative material that I use as illustrations in corporate presentations. I recently used this very concept as an example with a client during our Group to TEAM training, allowing me to be in the work I speak so passionately about. It is my commitment to live and practice what I teach and share with my clients. I integrate it into my own experience in order to be the happy and empowered individual I choose to be. So, I lovingly encourage you today to choose a reaction that serves you, propels you forward and brings purpose and meaning to an otherwise painful or awkward situation.

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Susan Leahy MA CSP is a powerful leadership, team building and confidence keynote speaker, trainer and coach.

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Susan & her business partner Freeman Micheals from Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions have had the priveleadge of coaching women leaders at the largest bank in Mexico for the past 4 years. Citibanamex has a diversity initiative to increase the number of women in leadership positions at the bank. #StrongerWomenBetterWorld