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In this episode of The Confident Woman Show, I am happy to present Wendy Myers, a true confident woman in the very essence of the word and my personal friend and inspiration. 

Confident Woman Show hosted by professional speaker Susan Leahy CSP and featuring health and wellness expert Wendy Myers

When you boost your health you boost your confidence. Wendy is the creator of and the Mineral Power Program. After experiencing a massive lull in her health in her late thirties, she knew it was time to take action. She was confident enough not to base her future on her doctor's diagnosis. She was confident enough to take control of the situation and place her health and recovery in her own hands. Through intense investigation, trial and error, she unearthed many truths and discarded many false beliefs we hold as true in today's world. The result was her being restored to absolute vibrant health and focusing her strong desire to help others with her findings.

Many of us begin to get sluggish as we age but we erroneously believe that it is due to the ageing process and that there is nothing we can do about it. We give in to the process instead of getting proactive. What happens as we age is our organism becomes clogged with all manner of heavy metals that are present in our homes, food and the air that we breath. Wendy's website and program are designed to help restore our vitality and step into longevity.

I simply love how she took a tragedy and turned it around into something life-giving. From the ashes she created life. This is so key to confidence-building and not letting negativity break you. Confidence is the polar opposite of insecurity and yet they are inextricably linked. We can literally decide how we are going to react to any given situation by either giving in and crumbling under the weight or flipping it and learning to create. 


My Confident Woman Program is designed to do just that. If you struggle with those thoughts that imprison you in a place of ineffectiveness, try my program today. It is designed to change the course of our thought processes and carve out new, positive synapses, instead of going down old, familiar paths. Try it today and see how you can grow into the confident woman you truly are.

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Susan Leahy MA CSP is a powerful keynote speaker, trainer and coach. Here Susan was working with 150 student and staff assistance at Cal State San Bernardino. 

Susan does live presentations, interactive online webinars and private personal coaching. Bring her energy and her dynamic content to your next association or company event. 

Susan is the creator of The Confident Woman Program and is the co-founder of Group To TEAM Leadership Solutions.