Be forward focused!

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Weekly Wisdom Snippet #5

Be Forward focused!

I'm always excited to work with a new coaching client and this week is no exception. While many of my clients are women, I have also had the opportunity to coach many men. I find that  as a woman I am able to add a powerful new perspective to my male clients' lives as well as provide communication tools that support healthy personal and professional relationships, no matter the gender. 

During the course of my coaching a large percentage of my clients will share that they have gone to some type of therapy. While therapy certainly has its place in a person's life and I am not here to vilify or criticize what it has to offer, my observation is that many times therapy has clients focus on the past and spend a lot of time talking about "what happened".  This is one of the reasons why I decided to go in the direction of coaching and consulting. I love working with my clients and supporting them to be forward focused. When I was getting my masters degree (many years ago), it was this feeling that drove me in the direction of coaching and not therapy. My coaching encourages my clients to practice being, speaking and acting forward focused! 

Coaching is a powerful tool and also a tool that complements therapy. My coaching style reminds and teaches people of the importance of being forward focused and encourages people to lighten their gaze of stories that disempower and weaken them and encourage each client to look at what they want to create in their lives. 

As your coach I will help you to identify what you want to create and then support you to create that by holding that vision for you even before you are able to hold it for yourself. 

Being forward focused is a practice while recycling the stories of one's past is a pattern. When I work with my clients I support them to generate and create practices that will help them live into the future they desire to create. This week I want to encourage you to be more forward-focused by asking you some key questions:

  • What do you want to create in your life?
  • How can you practice being more forward focused?

I love working with my coaching clients as together we integrate practices to help them become more forward focused.

Here are a few more questions to help you to determine if you are being forward focused. 

  • Are you telling a story you have already lived or can you tell the story about what you are excited about creating?
  • Can you let go of having to share an example from the past and allow yourself to talk about the life you are envisioning?
  • Can you let go of having to share the pain of your past and can you talk more about the energy you are committed to creating in the future?

So much of being forward focused resides in allowing yourself to integrate daily practices that will interrupt when you start to fall into the patterns of your past. Please hear me as I say your past isn't negative or bad. What I am offering is that the creation of your future be more empowering and exciting. Creating your future is life giving. It increases your energy and will support you to feel even more empowered RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. 

I love the coaching work that I get to do. If you would like to set up a complimentary 20 minute-coaching call to see if my services might be able to support you click here and fill out this quick coaching assessment form

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