Group to TEAM: Turn Complaints into Requests!

Turn Complaints into Requests

by Susan Leahy and Freeman Michaels

  • Are you in a company where complaining is a prevailing part of employee interactions?
  • Are you a manager who spends time managing complaints?

It is important to first recognize that complaining is a pattern that undermines team.

Managers and leaders become empowered by interrupting and redirecting complaints into powerful, actionable, requests. In this article we are going to share a couple of practical tips that you can use to start setting your team up for success.

If your employee comes to you with a complaint:

#1. Ask Two Questions Before You Make Any Statements

#2. Replace Complaints with Requests

#1 Ask Two Questions Before You Make Any Statements

Many times managers get “sucked in” to complaints by rushing to respond to the complaint. Trying to deny, defend, or diffuse the complaint actual ends up contributing to the complaint. Stop this pattern by simply...

If you consider your organization to be stuck in group and centred around self-interest, or if you are a manager who is constantly putting out the fire of complaints, bring Susan and Freeman into your organization for Group to TEAM training. Click the link below to schedule a free consultation call with Susan and Freeman.

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