Group to TEAM: Defuse the Debater!

Defuse the Debater!

By Susan Leahy and Freeman Michaels

Within every organization, there are those individuals, for whom being positional is a chronic pattern. Simply put, these are people who tend to argue for their position and have trouble hearing and/or considering other peoples' ideas. Those people can not only be hard to deal with, they can erode team chemistry and prevent optimal collaboration. The following tool offers a constructive means of interacting with people who are caught in this pattern.

Before we offer this powerful little tool to help you when confronted with someone who wants to debate, we need to briefly discuss mindset. We want to suggest that maintaining the proper mindset, when confronted by a person who wants to debate, is the most important factor in moving through the challenge and generating collaboration.

For us, at Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions, team is a mindset where leaders look to include ideas and draw out different perspectives. In a team mindset, leaders are always looking for a win/win. It is never about controlling the person wanting to debate, it is about channeling their energy in a constructive way. A person operating out of a team mindset is always committed to dialogue, even if the other person wants to debate.

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