Why women leading teams is a natural and necessary fit

The Now of Female Leadership

By Susan Leahy & Freeman Michaels

This week we are excited to share a recent podcast we recorded for Women Entrepreneurs Radio entitled, “Why women leading teams is a natural and necessary fit.”

Here at Robert’s Rules Made Simple and Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions, we actively support and encourage women to step fully into their power when embracing a leadership role. Contrary to conventional belief, a leader becomes more powerful when they empower other people.

Historically speaking, the prevailing leadership paradigm has not been a generous model. Traditional hierarchy focuses on the concentration of power at the top, which translates into people at the top having power over those beneath them on the org chart. 

We promote a collaborative leadership model which focuses on empowering everyone in the organization. In this “power with” leadership paradigm, rather than trying to dominate, manipulate and control others, leaders derive power from empowering others. Women, in general, are natural collaborators who are often quite gifted at inviting everyone into the room due to more developed social sensitivity. The ideal expression of this results in every member of the team having a voice and feeling heard, respected and valued. 

This is not to say that men cannot be successful leaders in the “power with” model.  In fact, we know a number of truly wonderful male leaders. Conversely, there are a number of women who hold leadership roles who came up in the old “power over” model, who are not collaborative. 

Our desire is to support collaboration.  We are committed to training women and men to create and maintain an empowering environment for cooperation and collaboration.  We recognize the inherent feminine capacity to “hold the energetic space” for teamwork.  We encourage women to view “soft skills” as a source of power.   For men, developing social sensitivity and emotional intelligence should be a priority if they want to lead high functioning teams. 


Susan Leahy and Freeman Michaels, the co-founders of Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions, offer a powerful perspective for women in leadership. 

During this conversation they discuss:  

  • How Empowered Women Empower Everyone (Why More Women Need To Lead)

  • Why Soft Skills Are Becoming the Hard Skills Required to Succeed in Business

  • Understanding that "Power-With" vs. "Power-Over" is the Key to Thriving as a Leader

  • Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies - Helping Women Leaders Develop Healthy Confidence and Assertiveness

Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions Inc., is a global consulting company that specializes in helping organizations build a culture of team through comprehensive training, coaching and consulting services.  They also specialize in women in leadership programs.  

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