TEAM: A Generous Offer!

TEAM: A Generous Offer!

by Susan Leahy CSP

This week I was reminded of a truth I am committed to living by: there is no more generous offer than that of TEAM. What do I mean by TEAM? TEAM is when we create an environment where people feel:

  • SEEN



Interactions in which both parties feel seen, heard and understood, create authentic connection, and an authentic sense of community and love. Many times when we are interacting, we are operating from a space of group. What do I mean by group? Group is when we create an environment where people feel:




Group is when we operate in the pervasive paradigm of win/lose. Group is when our deep desire to get our own way keeps us in resistance. We operate from a space of self-absorption or allow our insecurities to dictate our need to protect, defend or hide.

A generous offer is your willingness to peel away operating from your insecurities and open yourself up to a vulnerable space and, subsequently invite others to be in a space of generous connection.

A generous offer begins with your mindset, or what you are committed to intentionally creating in your interactions with people. Most of us run on automatic mode and don’t think consciously about what we are trying to generate. Most of us are stuck in the circumstantial drift of life, waiting to react to things rather than intentionally act. We get caught up in operating in a space of separation, win/lose or trying to get the best for ourselves.

There is nothing more generous than to be committed to creating the experience of TEAM. And, when you commit to this generous offer, it will require you to stretch, it will require you to step out of your comfort zone, it will require you to stand up and participate in your life, in your conversations and your interactions in such a fundamentally different way. Being a generous offer will require more of you but will return more to you. Being a generous offer is generosity that is generative. It generates energy for yourself and it generates energy for others. It is your willingness to open up to humanity, to open yourself up to connections and relationships. You don’t do it just because the person in front of you is being generous but because you are committed to being generous. It is not contingent on circumstances outside yourself, but rather, it is a commitment you are making that will influence the environment around you. It’s an intentional mindset we have to inherit if we truly want to experience TEAM.

Do you desire to truly experience TEAM? Do you desire to experience the generative energy generosity creates?

If so, in what areas of your life?

  • At work

  • At home

  • With your family

  • In your relationship(s)

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