Greetings TBTA! My name is Susan Leahy MA CSP. I am the Co-Founder of Group To TEAM Leadership Solutions as well as the creator of Robert's Rules Made Simple and The Confident Woman Program. I am a powerful, fun and interactive keynote speaker and in this webpage and I am excited to have the opportunity to meet you! Please enjoy this short video introduction as well as a few video samples of me in action! I hope that this online proposal gives you a feel for who I am and what I can offer to your TBTA membership at your up coming April 10th, 2018 Texas Education Day.  Click the box below to download my speaking proposal. 

Susan Leahy MA CSP in Action



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In addition to the customized presentation I am excited to provide each of your participants with an online license to my “Empowering the Leader in YOU” online training.

(See Option A in the Fee Investment section of the contract provided.)

"Empowering the Leader in YOU" is an online, self-directed, training course that is separated into four video modules and reviews 12 core leadership distinctions. "Empowering the Leader In YOU" has been designed to support individuals to take personal ownership lives, to produce results.  

Leadership Bootcamp Overview


Leadership Bootcamp is a full-body experience! This high-energy presentation will get you moving and keep you on your toes as you delve into the practical side of communication and leadership.

Start by learning that Leadership is not a title. Leadership is something you embody. It is a consciousness. It is a choice that you make during every interaction that creates connection and inspires movement, progress and change!

Participants will leave the Leadership Bootcamp feeling motivated and ready to get even more involved both personally and professionally.

Participants will benefit by:

•  Understanding what a leader is...and is not.

•  Projecting a more dynamic image.

•  Determining which leadership attributes you already possess.

•  Getting noticed by learning to find your leadership voice.

•  Finding out what people expect and respect in a leader.

•  Recognizing the forces that cause change.

•  Keeping your competitive edge by anticipating & adapting to change. 

Empowering the Leader in YOU



Are there areas in your life where you are feeling disempowered? Do you desire to take your power back? Do you want to feel more empowered at work, at home and in your life? If you answered yes, then welcome to "Empowering the Leader in YOU!" 

This interactive and high energy keynote has been designed to invite participants into the leadership conversation. Most people are stuck in a conversation that takes away personal power and choice.  The goal of this keynote is to have your participants look at the stories they are telling and learn how to re-write disempowering stories in a way that generates motivation, energy and greater personal and professional empowerment. 

What is so fun and unique about this keynote is that it has been created specifically not to give you "answers” but to encourage participants to generate more questions.  It is through curiosity and the willingness to question what we think we know that will allow deeper learning and transformation to occur.

This presentation opens up a powerful space for audience members to press up against their current reality. It is through opening up to these new questions that we can fully start "Empowering the Leader in YOU!"



Thank you for your consideration! I look forward to supporting you to have a great event!