DKG Partners with Susan Leahy's: 

Robert's Rules Made Simple & The Confident Woman Program

Leading Women Educators Impacting Education Worldwide

Leading Women Educators Impacting Education Worldwide

If DKG meetings are productive, then members want to join and stay! Among your organization's best retention and recruitment tools are its meetings. If your meetings are not productive, members will find any excuse to leave. It takes confidence to be a member of a board or committee, and that is why DKG has partnered with the nation's #1 Robert's Rules of Order Training provider Robert's Rules Made Simple and the creator of The Confident Woman Program to support DKG members to feel more confident and competent, not just in meetings, but in life!


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Robert's Rules Made Simple

With more than 65,000 members in DKG, there is a need to support officers and other leaders to feel more confident and competent when running meetings. 

Robert's Rules of Order (or parliamentary procedure) is unfortunately a source of frustration for countless leaders. This is not because there is a problem with Robert's Rules of Order; it is because board members and officers typically receive little or no Robert's Rules training when they join or get elected to a leadership position.

DKG wants to support their new and seasoned leaders by providing a powerful and practical Robert's Rules of Order training online resource. DKG knows that a lack of training can lead to confusion, frustration, and wasted time and money.

The Robert's Rules Made Simple Solution is a powerful self-directed, online training that reviews "The Seven Fundamental Motions" used during most meetings.

DKG members receive 20% off any purchase made at 




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The Confident Woman Program

Who is the most confident woman you know?

How would your life change if the answer to that question was YOU?

There isn't one area of your life that wouldn't benefit from YOU having a bit more confidence. But where does confidence come from? According to Confidence Coach and Keynote Speaker, Susan Leahy CSP, "Confidence starts with the internal conversation that you are having with yourself...if you elevate that conversation you will increase your level of confidence both personally and professionally."

The Confident Woman Program invites you to expand your personal confidence conversation. 

DKG members will receive 10% off the purchase of The Confident Woman Program. 

In addition, $20 of your purchase of The Confident Woman Program will be donated to the DKG Scholarship Fund. Give the gift of confidence to a DKG woman you know and love!



Complimentary Gift from Susan to YOU... 

Click here to receive a complimentary copy of Susan's Confident Public Speaking Audio Training.

The #1 fear in the nation (before death and spiders) is public speaking. In this 60 min audio training you will learn all about Susan's STAY Model as well as about how to use The Voice Equation to speak with greater confidence in both personal and professional situations. Click the button below to get your free MP3 download of Susan Leahy's Confident Public Speaking. 

About Susan Leahy MA CSP

Susan Leahy MA CSP is a certified speaking professional with more than 15 years of speaking experience. She brings practical real-world knowledge to the stage. She is the co-founder of Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions Inc. a global training and consulting organization that supports clients to build a powerful culture of TEAM. She is the owner of America's top-rated Robert's Rules of Order training site ( and has personally spoken to and trained thousands of boards across the US and Canada on how to use Robert's Rules of Order as a TEAM building tool to get more work done. Susan has the unique ability to make this dull subject relevant and even fun and entertaining. She is also the woman behind The Confident Woman Program, an online training that was born out of her desire to support women to give themselves greater permission to lead. Susan is high energy, and her presentation style is interactive, fun yet practical and relevant. 

Susan is a loving, powerful, committed woman, mother and wife. Her desire is to raise a loving, powerful and confident daughter!

Susan is a powerful and passionate keynote speaker who inspires her audiences to live a more confident life both personally and professionally. 

Susan is excited to be partnering with DKG through Robert's Rules Made Simple & The Confident Woman Program.  

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