Human Moments: A Great Gift!

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Human Moments: A Great Gift!

Frequently throughout the holiday season we desire things to be perfect. We want to find the perfect gift, we want to make the perfect meal and we want to set the perfect table. However, this holiday season I want to encourage you to find the gift in the imperfect moments. I encourage you to find the powerful gift that resides in those “Human Moments” that inevitably occur. So much of the team building work that I do with my company Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions is about allowing and welcoming the perfection that comes out of imperfect moments. Sometimes there doesn’t even have to be anyone else around for you to experience the gift of a human moment. 

I have to confess I love those moments in my life when I do something and immediately after I do it I have to look around to make sure nobody saw me.  These human moments so connect me back into the moment. To some extent they transform into a gift that allows me to become more present. These moments remind me not to take myself, or my life, too seriously and subsequently allow me to feel silly which I believe is inherently a good thing. They take ME out of my EGO and propel me back into my humanness in an instant.  Now allow me to share one of my human moments with you. 


The other day I was getting my studio office ready to conduct a webinar for about 35 executives as a follow-up for one of my Group To TEAM Leadership trainings. I was feeling good and thinking that I was all ready to go. Since I speak a lot, I always carry with me a little spray bottle of Singers Saving Grace Throat Spray. This particular bottle was honey and lemon flavor.  I was rushing around making sure everything was prepped and about two and a half minutes before I was about to go live I grabbed the bottle of honey and lemon throat spray and I proceeded to spray it all over my neck and chest as if I were applying my perfume. I was three or four pumps in before my brain caught up to my trigger-happy finger.  Suddenly, I was sticky and had honey and lemon all over my neck and clothes. In an instant I was hurled into the present moment, and I felt silly, shocked, frustrated and humbled all at the same time.  This human moment allowed me to become more present. Being present, however you arrive there, is a gift in and of itself.  This human moment enhanced my webinar as I was now more in my body and also elevated out of my own EGO. I was more real, more authentic and more grounded. So much of our time is lived on automatic pilot. We are stuck in the circumstantial drift of life. These human moments, if viewed as the gift that they are, allow us back to the only thing that any of us really have which is this moment right here right now. 

For as long as I can remember I have heard it said by various speakers, teachers and gurus  that the present moment is a gift. Well, I have come to realize that when I have a human moment it is a gift. It is a gift that allows me to come back to the place where I want to live more of my life.  While it is true that I don’t want to have to douse myself in honey and lemon throat spray to get there, it is my commitment that when I am handed the gift of a human moment, I will revel in the fact that I am standing more in the present than the moment prior to receiving this gift. 

I want to feel those authentic feelings, even if they are mingled with embarrassment or surprise.  I think while I am typing this blog I am having a human moment.  I am sitting here wondering if those of you who invest your time to read it will even begin to understand what I am talking about.  I hope you do because life is full of Human Moments that are such a gift. Do not deny them or get angry at them or wish them away. Take a moment this holiday season to thank your life for including those human moments, because those human moments are a gift that allow us, even for a brief time, to dance in the present and be connected to our authentic, wonderful, flawed, beautiful self.  

What a gift it is to get to be here in my human form experiencing this thing called life. What a gift!!!!

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Susan and Freeman from Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions Inc. encourage in their presentations, trainings and consulting work a lot of HUMAN MOMENTS with their clients. At Group to TEAM we understand that the best and most powerful learning happens in the moment and we hold a generous and powerful safe space for our clients to step outside of their comfort zone and get messy with the goal of BUILDING A POWERFUL CULTURE OF TEAM. Here are Susan and Freeman having fun with a client in CA who just finished a day and a half of their 3- level Group to TEAM Leadership training. For more information about how to bring Susan and Freeman into your organization visit today!

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