Transform Your Complaints into Requests


Weekly Wisdom Snippet #1: Transform Your Complaints Into Requests!

This has been an exciting week where I gave an integration webinar as part of my on-going work with San Jose State Research Foundation. This is the first of several interactive webinars that my company, Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions will be offering to support their customer service initiative and the desire to build a more powerful culture of team.

During this webinar we took a moment to talk about giving ourselves an opportunity to interrupt prevailing patterns by inserting or integrating conscious practices.

  • What are conscious practices?
  • Conscious practices encourage the re-wiring of our prevailing thought processes which give rise to our patterns.

"Patterns are not negative, they're normal."

However, when patterns start producing negative results, it is time to interrupt those patterns with an intentional practice in order to generate a new outcome.

This week, my Weekly Wisdom Snippet is designed to help you create a practice around your relationship with complaining. When you hear yourself complaining, ask the question: what do I want? What do I want to think? What do I want to feel?

Self-questioning interrupts the pattern of complaint and allows the freedom of choice to enter.

So next time you feel you are about to fall into the snare of complaint...practice transforming your complaints into requests!

Slide sample from SJSU's integration webinar

Slide sample from SJSU's integration webinar

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