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Weekly Wisdom Snippet #2: Set People Up For Success!

Just last week, my business partner and I, Freeman Michaels from Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions had the opportunity to create a TEAM inspired course entitled Gender Speaks for VF Corp. For those of you who are unfamiliar with VF Corp, you may be more familiar with the brands they have acquired over the years such as The North Face, Wrangler, Nautica, Lee and Timberland to name but a few. 

The gender conversation is such a timely one and for Freeman and I, as a male and female duo, our work is to model what an empowered relationship between the sexes can look like. Since that workshop, I have received feedback from participants commenting on how empowering it has been to hold the gender conversation in the context of TEAM. So often, gender roles in the workplace and at home fall under the old, prevailing paradigm where someone uses power and authority to lord over another who is in the role of the victim. This is a symptom of the group mentality that focuses on one person losing in order for the other to win. At Group to TEAM we hold the gender conversation in the context of TEAM which opens up the opportunity to generate a WIN/WIN. When you set any conversation in the context of TEAM, you have the opportunity to set people up for success rather then waiting or setting them up to fail. Setting people up for success is a powerful and empowering practice. 

If you find yourself in a toxic environment at work or at home, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I playing win/lose so only I can win?
  • Am I playing WIN/WIN so that everybody wins?

WIN/WIN finds the best solution for both parties by setting each other up for success. When we are committed to playing WIN/WIN we set ourselves and the people we work with up for success. Doing this helps us to generate the experience of TEAM. When a woman is empowered, she empowers a man and vice-versa.

So my Wisdom Snippet for this week is for you to lovingly Set People Up For Success!

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