What do you want to think and feel?

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Weekly Wisdom Snippet #4:

What do you want to think and feel?

This week I am excited to share that I had the privilege of being the closing speaker for Texas Business Travel Association's 'Texas Education Day' event. My keynote was entitled Leading to a Winning Culture.

What does this mean?

Culture is cultivated in the context you are living RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. It is cultivated in the context of the conversations you are having and the energy you are creating and sharing. Culture is born out of this context, yet many times organizations do not provide training to support their employees in thinking intentionally about what type of context they want to create RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. Many employees are stuck in old conversations that recycle what is, rather than cultivate what is wanted.  


At Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions we teach employees that if they do not enjoy something within the current culture of their company, they are not powerless to shift that culture. Culture is cultivated by having the courage to get intentional about your personal context. Organizations very rarely talk about CULTURE starting at the level of the individual. An individual employee's future culture will emerge through the context within which they are living and speaking today. We give our clients practical real world tools to support employees into having a more empowering conversation that will create a context which ultimately cultivates a more positive culture. 

Get intentional about your life and the context you are living in RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.

One tip that sounds simple but not always easy is to remember that when you feel stuck, interrupt the feeling by asking yourself the question(s):

  • What do I want to think?
  • What do I want to feel?

The practice of asking yourself these questions, brings you back into the present and gives you the permission to become intentional about what you are wanting to create. That intention sets you on a different course rather than giving in to what may be happening around you. Employees are cultivating a culture within an organization. Most employees are going about that unintentionally. The truth is that you are going to create something in your life so why not work to create with intention? 

So this week, I encourage you to get intentional RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, be the chooser and create the context you want to live in.

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